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I grew up surrounded by music in a musical family in South Africa. 

My fondest memories are of us singing in the car while going on vacation.  Making up harmonies as we go along! 

Singing has always brought me great joy.  My mom enrolled me for private voice lessons when I was 14 with an opera singer who lived in my small home town, Rustenburg.  My voice teacher happened to be from Czecoslovakia and she instilled a love for Opera in me.  With her encouragement I went to a performing arts school after I finished high school.  That was an absolute wonderful experience! 

My training was very specialized.  After my studies I lived in England before moving to the US. Lady In a Boat

With many operatic roles to my credit I am no stranger to the stage and have entertained audiences all over the globe in Ireland, South Africa, Namibia, England, America, Canada, and Italy.  Before emerging as a single artist, I had the incredible experience of forming the classical crossover group Klassika® in 2013.  Drawn to the more edgy side of the crossover genre I love to create a mysterious and etherial world with music and voice. 

My favorite crossover artists in Emma Shaplin.   I am now stepping into my solo career with my latest singles “Regnava” and “Ave Maria”, produced by Paul Schwartz.  Regnava was chosen for it’s haunting sound and glorious melody line.  The Ave Maria by Mascagni is one of my favorite pieces of music and I am thrilled to have been able to record it.  

Lyrics and translation for “Regnava”– this song is an arrangement by Paul Schwartz of the opera aria, Regnava nel silenzio from Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti.


Regnava nel silenzio        The night,deep and dark,

alta la notte e bruna…    reigned in the silence…

Colpia la fonte un pallido  A pale ray from the gloomy moon

raggio di tetra luna…     shone on the fountain…

Quando sommesso un gemito  When a low sigh

fra l’aure udir si fe’;     was heard throughout the air;

ed ecco au quel margine      and there on the fountain’s edge

ah! l’ombra mostrarsi a me. the shadow appeared to me!

                    Ah!                        Ah!


Ave Maria (this is the intermezzo from the opera Cavelleria Rusticana by Mascagni)

Ave Maria, madre Santa,
Sorreggi il piè del misero che t’implora,
In sul cammin del rio dolor
E fede, e speme gl’infondi in cor.O pietosa, tu che soffristi tanto,
Vedi, ah! Vedi il mio penar.
Nelle crudeli ambasce d’un infinito pianto,
Deh! Non m’abbandonar.Ave Maria! In preda al duol,
Non mi lasciar, o madre mia, pietà!
O madre mia, pietà! In preda al duol,
Non mi lasciar, non mi lasciar.
Hail Mary, holy Mother,
Guide the feet of the wretched one who implores thee
Along the path of bitter grief
And fill the hearts with faith and hope.O merciful Mother, thou who suffered so greatly,
See, ah! See my anguish.
In the cruel torment of endless weeping,
Ah! Do not abandon me.Hail mary! Oppressed by grief,
Do not leave me, O Mother, have mercy!
O Mother, have mercy! Oppressed by grief,
Do not leave me.

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Edgy Classical Crossover from Lady Of The Shallows


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