Seeking Christian Music Of All Styles for An Album Project


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New Jersey Record Label Is Bringing Must Needed Uplifted Spirit To The People Of The World With Their New Album Project Titled Consecration Revival Volume I By Various Artists.

he 9th YearOpportunities for Artists


Bongo Boy Records, located in New Jersey is seeking Christian Music for their upcoming album project titled – Consecration Revival Volume I by Various Artists.

The album series has been inspired by Radio DJ/Reverend Gary E. Hubert of WHR FM radio of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and the album concept has been created and executed by Monique Grimme, President/Producer of Bongo Boy Records and Bongo Boy Television.

The purpose of this album series is to bring uplifted spirited music to the people of the world via the label’s established music retail distribution and Television channels. The label which is celebration their 10th Anniversary this April; is no stranger to compilation album series. They have successfully released several popular series like: The FYC (For Your Consideration) series which features only the music of independent recording artists that have been officially accepted by the Recording Academy in Los Angeles 1st round of voting ballot for Consideration for a Grammy® Nomination each year.

The Bongo Boy Records Backroom Blues series which featured all style of Blues music and another popular series is Escape The Mind the New Age series by Various Artists. The Gospel Blues album which was in spirit by Bill Kenton DJ/Owner of Bill and Kat Radio, with a syndicated Gospel Blues radio show out of Cincinnati, Ohio. These are some of the many album projects and many others are currently looking for music by independent talents from around the world.

Check the label’s website for current projects.
If you are a recording artist and would like to considered to feature on this album or for any other current; you can submit an email with your best song (MP3) directly to the record label at
Also include your contact information and the title of the song.
This is a non-exclusive deal and DIY sponsorship applies when your song is accepted by the record label.

Full Details about this deal can be found here MORE DETAILS HERE

Bongo Boy Records is an independent record label with their HQ in Blairstown, New Jersey and other business offices in London, Ont. Canada, London, The UK, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Hong Kong, China.

Bongo Boy Records provides distribution worldwide with a mother lode of promotions. This album project will be radio supported by Bongo Boy iSpin Radio and WHR-FM as well as many other radio stations and radio shows; as this album project includes a complete radio campaign with the artist’s DIY Sponsorship.
Physical and Digital Release Date: TBA

All music is always Non Exclusive and Bongo Boy Records never takes any publishing. Each compilation must feature at least 10 artists.

For all the current and open submissions for albums or to be considered to be added to the label’s rooster with your album, please visit the label’s official website or contact Bongo Boy Records’ office directly at

Attention: Monique Grimme Official Phone number is (908) 455 1576

This digital release comes with lots of promotions, reviews, press releases and distribution in the hottest music market today ASIA and distribution WorldWide. This release will be made available for download sales, streaming and ringtones in Asia via our distributor in Hong Kong, China.
Opportunities for Artists
This release is made available on iTunes, Amazon and other
15,000+ online retail outlets worldwide. Including Africa and others available to Bongo Boy Records outside of the USA.  Our office reps in Hong Kong, London and The USA provide total WORLDWIDE digital distribution.  


PLUS a radio campaign to DJS FM, Internet radio and others. 
Guaranteed Heavy Rotation on iSPIN RADIO for 4 weeks.  
Phone interviews to promote you and your music together with this release.
(Via Phone / Skype or via written Q & A) Made available online via archive files online for easy sharing. Bongo Boy Records presents your music to radio DJ and Radio Host for possible Radio Interviews. 


PLUS  you can be promoted on 72+ TV Channels in THE USA with Bongo Boy TV distribution and promotions. DISH NETWORK, NBCUNIVERSAL COMCAST, FiOS and others.
Bongo Boy Records has set up music placement services with AddMusic in 
Taiwan. The company works with advertising agencies, training video production producers, movie makers in ASIA. (non exclusive) 
In Skope Magazine, Bongo Boy Magazine, Steel Notes Magazine and others; your song will be reviewed by international music reviewers and published online and/or in print and on the web page with Bongo Boy Records for the album release.

ing on TV in cities like New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Nashville, San Antonio, Los Angeles and others all to promote this digital release. 

PLUS you will be endorsed by the most active Independent label: Bongo Boy Records. Your will be listed on the release own web page which is heavily promoted under their record label name. 
Each artist received 1 free swag bag which includes physical cds and 5 download cards. Also include in your SWAG BAG. Bongo Boy Records will manufacture physical cds for radio promotions, contest, sale  and promotion give-a-ways. (Estimated Value $Priceless 
This is a non exclusive promotion campaign deal. You can continue to sell your song everywhere else simultaneously while your song is distributed, marketed and promoted with Bongo Boy Records Compilations.


Bongo Boy has made over the last year a movement in Asia with their Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume series; which are an All Genre Compilation release. Others Genre Specific Volume Series include Garage Rock, Blues Christmas Holiday, Americana, and others with worldwide distribution with Radio and TV campaigns and Promotions. Royalty payments details are explained in our music release form.
If you have questions please email us
  • Seeking Christian Music Of All Styles For an Album Project
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