Music Talks’ Massive Giveaway Event – in Conjunction with its Fourth Birthday







Music Talks’ Massive Giveaway Event

Giveaways from Music Talks

Based in Sydney, Australia, Music Talks is a music website that began in 2015 as a place for independent Australian artists to showcase their talents. Four years have passed since and Music Talks has grown by leaps and bounds, functioning as an information hub for artists, fans, musicians, labels and those in the independent music business. An overwhelming response from the overseas community, artists and indie labels quickly expanded Music Talks on a global scale within the first year, in 2016. And, Music Talks is celebrating their fourth birthday, marking it with a massive giveaway  spanning four weeks of November 2019, its birthday month, with giveaways  worth more than $1,000 USD. ($2,000 AUD)


Music Talks regards their supporters and participants as a family and the site is using social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to allow the participants to win peachy-keen prizes that include Music Talks’ special backpacks, caps, video animation, artist directory listings and full 35 video  online singing lessons courses. By checking in regularly, Music Talks’ followers can update themselves on what’s new and win the cool and exclusive prizes. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the Music Talks’ grand giveaways. Access for participants has begun at 10am Australian eastern standard time (AEST) on Sunday 27th, (11pm UTC, Saturday 26th).

Music Talks’ Founder, Tracey Arbon expresses her delight of seeing Music Talks’ robust growth,

“Music Talks has exceeded my initial idea and plan by developing into something that is not only helping independent artists but creating awareness of what indie music is to the general music listeners who are receptive to all kinds of music from all kinds of artists. We still have a long way to go to spread the word about indie music and how incredible it has become, not only in the quality of sound but songwriting abilities from independent musicians. This is the biggest giveaway to date endeavoured with the hope people and artists will share and spread the word and get it out to the music listeners. It’s truly a joint effort from both artists, blogs, and radio to grab the attention of the average music listener.”

Besides the funky Music Talks’ backpacks and caps giveaways, what Tracey Arbon is really looking to push, is the full online singing course  that will act as a valuable learning curve for indie singers  who are looking to polish their professional singing abilities. As for artist branding and social media, Music Talks personalised video animation giveaways would help enhance and promote brands and names on the cyberspace connected community. As for Artist Directory listing, that includes tracks for the Music Talks’ Radio Portal  enabling radio to download tracks to their own shows in a straightforward manner, with minimum hassle.

The whole giveaway event is designed to delight winners with Music Talks’ merchandise as well as help indie artists consolidate their talents and for radio to have easy access to independent artistsvmelodic stuff. Indeed, there’s no better way for Music Talks to celebrate its fourth anniversary.



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Music Talks’ Massive Giveaway Event

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