Music Production for Women: a Revolutionary Initiative by Xylo Aria



London-based artist and entrepreneur Xylo Aria has launched an innovative learning platform with an aim of improving the horrendous statistic of female music producers, currently at 5%.

Writing music since age 12, Indian born Xylo eventually took the decision to produce her own music, and after a period of experimenting and tutorials, released her first self-produced single in 2018, Pig. Her tracks have received significant coverage on publications in home country, Australia, including Tonedeaf, Music Talks and Australian Music Scene as well as radio cover-age on numerous radio stations such as PBS and Triple R.

Reflecting on her own experiences as a female musician relying on other producers and the challenges of learning a skill in an area which is so heavily male dominated planted the seed to empower other women in similar situations.

After the tragic and unexpected loss of a close friend, Xylo quit her job and began developing Music Production for Women. Xylo believes the Music Production for Women course and community will instil confidence in other women to help realise and achieve their artistic potential.

“It’s time we started empowering ourselves and each other, if we wait for others to provide the stepping stone, we’ll be waiting forever” she says.

The Music Production for Women platform utilises Ableton Live, who have generously pro-vided a 40% discount to any MPW members. The course consists of a free online introductory masterclass, access to the web training portal, the online community and full email support & monthly group calls. MPW are currently planning workshops in UK and Europe as well as a podcast for which they are open to sponsors.


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