Mastering and Mixing


Recording tape


Professional Mixing helps musicians create a well balanced piece of music from all your recorded instruments. Working with a professional sound engineer who can understand and overcome all mixing challenges is key in the mixing process.

Drooble Mixing service provides your music with a distinctive sonic character and clarity. It will shape the dynamics of your track by bringing sound to life and giving them a sense of energy and vitality. Drooble’s sound engineers use delays, distortion modulation effects, drum triggering and more to add a sense of space and depth to your music. 

Mixing Desk 

Professional Mastering empower the sound of your tracks. Unlike other online mastering services that use automated software, Drooble Mastering service is done by top audio engineers with a wealth of experience and refined musical tastes.     

Mastering will enable you to add punch, clarity and volume to your tracks. It will smooth out your final mix without losing the character of your music, so that it sounds good in all playback situations (home, car radio, club, streaming platform or online single). If you are working on an album, mastering will unify all tracks with level matching, compression, and volume consistency.


Mixing service costs $70 and Mastering service costs $60, but Drooble offers an exclusive discount of 20% for all Music Talks site visitors. To order the service, simply click these links ( and ), register an account and follow the steps on our partner’s site.


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