InterContinental Music Awards celebrates the 9th year


InterContinental Music Awards Celebrates the 9th YearInter Continental Music Awards Logo


InterContinental Music Awards is looking for music from all over the world in Los Angeles. This might be the most important message you would receive all year. And you’re invited to join this huge Music event!

By submitting your music to the awards, not only will you present your ethnic and country’s  culture but you will also attend a high profile songwriting contest in LA where you will be heard by music judges who are Hollywood music executives and active music industry professionals.

By being approved by the judging panel you’ll get valuable coaching directly from them and will get publicity on the the major press channels.

Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing competition: 


  • Be part of a multi-continental music movement and be recognized internationally
  • Get valuable direct coaching from music experts that help you save time instead of experimenting with random methods through trial and error  
  • Get featured in a renowned press channels that gives you exposure to a large audience of tens of thousands, gains your credibility as an established artist and can help you grow a lot your fanbase
  • Showcase your achievements by leveraging the InterContinental Music Awards professionally designed awards certificate 
  • Receive customized coaching on how to earn more money from your music and on how to take your music to the next level


InterContinental Music Awards Celebrates the 9th Year

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