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The Nashville-based synthpop outfit premiered their contemplative new single with the  pop culture magazine , giving us a glimpse of what’s to come from the (somewhat) newly formed trio.

The brainchild of members Aaron WagnerAndrew Black, and Dominic WagnerVEAUX was known as Medic in a past life— an indie rock-focused group that played alongside the likes of BlondieMiike SnowThe Fray, and Dinosaur Jr. But a move from Colorado to Music City came with a rebrand and some refocus as the trio decided to take a more pop-heavy, and coincidentally, more existential route.

As VEAUX, the group has made a name for themselves with a few previously released singles, earning sync placements with the likes of MTV and ABC, but at the center of the praise comes a newfound truth that never seemed to manifest in their previous incarnation.

“‘Heart Right‘ is a song that we needed to write for many reasons,” the band admits. “A few of the songs we put out in our first year of being in a band didn’t quite capture the three of us in the way we needed it to, although I think we learned a lot. With this song, and the songs to come, we’ve worked hard to keep the pop sensibilities and also be three guys in a room playing music. This track captures our wrestle with God and other mysteries of the universe. We grew up in church all of our lives and always felt like the black sheep in the flock. We had questions. We had thoughts. We had issues. ‘Heart Right’ talks about some of the struggles we have with our faith and saying goodbye to the faith of our childhood and the days we felt so certain about everything.”

“Heart Right” is available now via

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