Van Rockman’s HoneyBus Release New Single ‘Morning Dew’


Rock Band Single Cover

South Birmingham’s Van Rockman released their debut album ‘The Lost Tapes’ a couple of years ago which was an album that took 42 years to come to light after frontman, Tim Fisher found the original demo tape in his mother’s attic whilst helping her to move. 

With the discovery of this tape, Tim pulled the original members back together so they could finally record the album and release it.

All the tracks on that album were written between 1969 and 1974 and they were spotted at a gig on Curzon Street in Birmingham by EMI Records who took the band’s demo tape that night, with a view to signing them.

The band actually went along to EMI H.Q and were told: “We know who you are but the A&R guys haven’t sent the tape…”.

These were the days when time, effort and expense meant re-recording the demo was too daunting a task for a fledgling rock band and Van Rockman’s chance was gone.

Back in 1991, The Honeybus toured the UK extensively with Tim Fisher (from Van Rockman) on bass and vocals. As a part of the touring band, they became very close with and played many dates together.

The Honeybus had many hits – one of their biggest was ‘I Can’t Let Maggie Go’ which was Top 10 in 1968.

Back in the day, Van Rockman supported Spencer Davies, The Troggs and had the pleasure of meeting Mick Jagger whilst at Wembley.



Tim Fisher – Lead Vocals + Bass Guitar
John Lowry – Lead Guitar + Backing Vocals
Dave Lynn – Keyboards
Harvey Eggington – Drums and Percussion
The band are playing live on Friday August 23rd at SoCa LIVE! Acocks Green, Birmingham


Van Rockman’s Honeybus – Morning Dew


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