Valerie Ponzio Releases Latin Country New Single


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Valerie is a four-chair turn contestant from The Voice with over 42,000 social fans. Her Voice audition video garnered up over 4 MILLION views on Youtube and Facebook combined! She has a highly engaged audience within the Texas, Latin + Traditional Country fan communities, which is what makes the release of her next single “Órale“ (pronounced “Oh-raw-leh”)


The song was inspired by Valerie’s memory of Mexican summer block parties growing up in the West Texas town of El Paso. It was produced by the incredible Grammy-winning team that worked on many of the successful releases of artists like Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett.
Valerie continues to carve her own path in the ever-changing Country music space and would love for you to help shape that along with us. 
Valerie states; “Being from El Paso, TX you’re around a lot of Latin and Country music. I am a child of many different musical influences but I found that a lot of my writing would naturally dip into more Americana/Country tendencies. Lyrically and story wise, I’m very passionate about being true to my real life experiences so that’s where bringing in Mexican culture and Spanish words comes from. I’ve even played around with Latin Reggaeton styles infused into Pop/Country in my songs. I just like to be fun, creative, and honest about who I am and where I come from.”
The message appeals to the memories of all of our past and when she belts out the words “Órale“ (a multi-meaning/Spanish language/pop-culture slang for “All right!”/”Come on!”)


Valerie – Órale


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