The Story Flows On For Jayna Jennings, “Courtyards and Avaries”

Blue Single by Jayna Jennings

Jayna Jennings goal is to spread the message of hope to everyone by inspiring others with the beauty of her songs. 

Jayna’s an artist who’s music is as unique as her long red locks as she welcomes those into her world with moving and relatable songs.

A successful TV and Radio host, Jennings is about to release her highly anticipated Album, “Courtyards & Aviaries”, the sequel to Pt. 1.

The songs flow from one landscape to another while the music surrounds you and invites you into Jayna’s world. In continuing with the theme that Pt. 1 explored, Pt. 2 references many literary and artistic works, such as Ovid’s “Echo & Narcissus,” William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” and “Miranda,” a painting by J W Waterhouse.

The songs explore being caught up in narcissistic relationships as well as many other important topics that give power and strength to the listener. Pt. 2 will feature the musical talents of Mark Mundy, George Sandler, Matthew Mundy, Jim VanCleve, and Jayna on guitar, keys, and of course vocals. Jayna’s lyrical ability has grown and her lyrics are more reflective and organic.

This is very visible in “The Blue,” the first single from the album that is set to be released June 28. It is a song about falling for someone despite your better judgement, and relates that feeling to being stranded in the middle of the ocean during a storm. 

Courtyards & Aviaries, Pt. 2 is available for preorder June 21!




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