The Sound Of Amongst Liars Are a Loud and Fierce Powerhouse

The Sound Of Amongst Liars Are a Loud and Fierce Powerhouse

Indie Rock BandAmongst Liars was born from the ashes of two south coast based bands, Saint Apache (Eastbourne) and Katalina Kicks (Brighton), both successful in their own right, spending years of solid touring and festival appearances, accompanied by excellent press reviews and extensive radio airplay across  Planet Rock, Kerrang! Radio, BBC Introducing, Total Rock and many regional and online stations.

Saint Apachedescribed by Alex Baker of Kerrang! Radio as ‘a band that sound like they’ve grabbed Rage Against The Machine, The Gallows & Queens of the Stone Age. Stuck them all in a cocktail shaker” – and hailed by Classic Rock Magazine as part of ‘the new wave of politically charged rock bands with more a chunky, riffy sensibility….chaotic and rough n’ ready but more impactful for it… hits the kind of raw but catchy nerve that we could see appealing to multiple generations of punk and rock acolyteswere making a great name for themselves, playing the Isle of Wight Festival and supporting Pitch shifter amongst other up and coming acts. They had just released the ‘Black Days’EP in February 2019, when their singer left. The band continued writing new songs as a three piece, searching for the right person to join them.

Singer and guitaristIan George, the last man standing from Katalina Kicksa London/Brighton based band that had released three albums and toured extensively, supporting bands such as Franz Ferdinand, The Quire boys and the late Bernie Torme, was similarly looking for a new project after the band’s untimely demise in July 2019, which was the mother of all break ups. 

My world fell apart in July when K.K imploded after eight years of solid graft. We were about to release a new single and EP and were supposed to be touring in the autumn with The Quireboys again when my other longstanding band member suddenly left the UK, explained IanI was totally destroyed, but determined to carry on – I just didn’t know how. I tried to revive the band, but had just lost the energy to carry it on by myselfI had previously met the Saint Apache guys after playing a show with them in Manchester back in 2018 and loved their sound, so stayed in touch, especially with them being local to me. I was gutted to hear that they had broken up a while back, but a light bulb suddenly went off and I messaged them. Leo got back straight away. We met up and had a long chat about music and life and decided to jam over some KK and SA tracks to see how things went.

Things went very well and a new band was formed in late September 2019, taking songs and elements from both previous bands, plus forming a strong songwriting team, demoing new material and cementing it all as Amongst Liars. 

Amongst Liars are a tight and formidable powerhouse of a band; urgent, questioning, loud and fierce.

Together they play heavy and direct rock’n’roll: massive riffs and powerful, melodic choruses, fuzzy guitar, pummeling drums and throbbing bass, pin-balling between heavy alternative rock, grunge and punk. They also have a lyricist who cant help but use his band as a platform to air his anxieties about the world around him. I would never pigeonhole us as a political band’,” Ian explains. Were not preaching at anyone or trying to change the world. Were just saying these are the things that affect and concern us. Theyre too importantnot  to talk about.’

‘Over & Over’ was the first song that came together really quickly for the band, so was the obvious choice for our debut single”, explains Leo. “We wrote the riff and music originally for a rapper that we were experimenting with, but nothing came of that project. When we met Ian, I sent the instrumental to him and we jammed it over. He picked up some strong melodies and we worked it all together in the studio to get a heavy chorus and moulded it all nicely together!” 

“I wanted to write about the experiences we had all had this last year musically and personally, so Over and Over to me lyrically signifies a new start and also the idea that we are all stuck on this treadmill, but live and die by our own life choices”, says Ian. ”This song really means a lot to me – and defines us as a new band, as writing it definitely helped get me out of a dark place and move forwards!

Live dates:
Saturday 23rd May – Breaking Bands festival
The Sound Of Amongst Liars Are a Loud and Fierce Powerhouse






The Sound Of Amongst Liars Are a Loud and Fierce Powerhouse

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