The Shimmering Sounds from a Damp Neon-Lit Garage

Gumshoe is the new solo project from songwriter and producer Philip Hampson from Barrow in Furness, UK.
This new set of shimmering sounds were born from the confines of Philip’s dark, damp and neon-lit garage studio. From no other desire but to continue to create weird soundscapes and tales of his hometown following the break-up and departure of previous bands and its members.
3 years, 20+ tracks, 100+ voice memos, sound bites and other ideas in the making, Philip has set an end to tuning every nook and cranny of 5 particular songs which are ‘coated in film influence” as he prepares for an EP release this autumn (date TBC). 
“When Thing Started To Ignite” is out now and is a fitting name for a return to the world of music with plenty more to come.
On the song, Philip says:  “This one all started with the beat and bass line, from there I definitely wanted to turn up the intensity and make things a bit crazier for a live show. 
In essence, this track’s trying to play it slow and steadier than it actually is, which is more reminiscent of the songs yet to come. I did have a slower version recorded but I couldn’t stop this one from racing ahead and losing control. It definitely suited the story and the group/individuals in it who are trying their best to act a little broody in front of a typical femme fatale. When in reality, their hearts are racing and their heads are in the clouds”.
– Fudstock, Cavendish Park – 31/08/19




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