Terouz, ‘outstanding’ is Cinematic Storytelling on A Treadmill


Indie Singer

Life as you know it takes a darker shade, when you loose a loving parent.
As if a grey, film-thin veil has been dropped in front of your eye sight. Your entire existence is shaken.

It was that massive emotional blow that saw me re-emerge as the hypnotic, noir TEROUZ.

Terouz first single is an ode to his journey of renewal. “It documents a major growth spurt of self-acceptance, letting go, going for it, forgiveness and deep love, not to mention tons of hysterical and sombre sarcasm – my life experience steeped in loss, pain, and fierce reality checks. All of this led me to wisdom, strength, love, and a deep appreciation for good old, consistent groove. Outstanding documents this cycle.”


Last year felt like a never ending s#%t storm.
 With the shadow of my father’s passing laying over me, my musical aspirations were hitting a wall with my band and I was pretty close to pulling the plug on it all. I stopped everything to take care of myself. I dove deep into writing, belted out (in despair!) improvised vocal lines to recorded melodies while running up and down the Mont Royal…everyday, like an obsessed work-out maniac. I focused on getting clear.


Outstanding” was born; an empowering Rocky-esque anthem that speaks to the excitement and surge of energy I feel towards being back!

 I hope this song serves as a source of inspiration to anyone going through hard times.


They never last. Know that things will get better.
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