Ten Minute Detour Bleeding Green with Indie Rock Single

Indie Rock Band

If you’re after some good quality indie rock, then Ten Minute Detour delivers with their latest single, ‘Bleeding Green’. What may take you back, to some degree to the 80’s, Bleeding Green incorporates some very cool current sounds making this single fresh and very appealing. With vocals that sing with an edge and sour effortlessly, get ready to start rockin’ on your weekend!

In many ways, “Bleeding Green” is a product of change.

Shortly after recording started on this new single, Andrew and Jordan – the founding and most central members – left their western prairie home, and headed east in pursuit of brighter opportunities.

They had to create their own experiences instead of just passively waiting for the world to find them.

The core of this song was recorded by a very different Ten Minute Detour than exists today; Andrew and Jordan’s move to southern Ontario resulted in over half of the band’s departure. With the help of their newest members, they felt inspired to revisit Bleeding Green as both a tribute and final voyage.


“We’re so grateful for our beloved alumni, and looking towards a bright, hopeful future.” say’s Ten Minute Detour

“Bleeding Green,” available to stream wherever you are


Ten Minute Detour Bleeding Green with Indie Rock Single

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Ten Minute Detour Bleeding Green with Indie Rock Single


Website: https://www.tenminutedetour.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TenMinuteDetour/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tenminutedetour/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tenminutedetour

Ten Minute Detour Bleeding Green with Indie Rock Single

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