St Joan cherish lost childhood memories on “Ride me to School”

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Some songs connect like no others can. Perhaps it’s a mesmerising voice, or an undeniable melody, or in this case, it’s the story and the raw emotion of a piece that grips your heart, tightens your chest and momentarily takes your breath away. In the same way that Bon Iver casts a spell with haunted yet vulnerable music; Daniel, Christopher and Alasdair facilitate the connection from artist to audience and pain to peace through the sounds they create. St Joan are a meticulous band – often it’s the space in between the notes that cause as much of a stir as the ones that are strummed. That’s the result of five years of songwriting and soul-searching. In this performance, the band wrap their arms around Daniel as he reflects on his childhood.

A softly strung but emphatically performed ballad – recorded in a single take with Gang of Youths producer, Chris Collins – “Ride me to School” shines a light on the challenges of parenting and the perspective of a son during separation. As cracks begin to appear, someone who was once your hero begins to look more like the villain. Memories become that much more important to remind you of the person they really are, like, as Daniel says, “rewinding a VCR back to when life was small, secure and free, and love was boundless.”


“Ride me to School” is available on all streaming services

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