Rock Guitar Wunderkind Sammy Boller’s Debut Album, Kingdom Of The Sun

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A former music student at the University of Michigan, Sammy catapulted onto the national radar in 2012, when Joe Satriani selected him as a winner in Guitar Center’s “Master Satriani” competition. Now, an internationally-acclaimed player, Boller has amassed a large and loyal online following, and he earns his living as a full-time musician. Prior to embarking on his solo career, Sammy played guitar for the band, Citizen Zero (Wind-Up Records/Concord Music Group). Their State Of Mind LP notched multiple radio singles, including the debut release “Go (Let Me Save You)”, which cracked the Top 15 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart. Sammy’s exceptional playing and his sophisticated songwriting shined throughout Citizen Zero’s impressive 11-song offering.


“Sammy Boller, at a young age, has already developed a unique approach to playing, with power and inventiveness well beyond your expectations of a typical instrumentalist. An exciting blend of musical styles and the tension in his music puts him in a position to become a guitar hero for a new generation” Dave Friedman – Friedman Amplifiers

Outside of his own live touring schedule, Sammy also spends time on the road riding shotgun with world-renowned amplifier wizard Dave Friedman (Friedman Amplification). Friedman tapped Boller, a loyal BE-100 devotee, to be one of the young guns representing and promoting his esteemed line of amplifiers, pedals and guitars. The two regularly embark on runs through the States and Europe to sponsor clinics and gear demonstrations. In addition to his support role with Friedman, Boller is also a contributing columnist for Guitar World Magazine. His online column (“Secrets of Shred With Sammy Boller”) has a loyal monthly following, regularly racking up view counts in the tens of thousands.

When asked to describe his influences and approach, Sammy says, “My guitar playing has always been about plugging into an amp and blowing the walls down. I grew up wanting to be Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, but over time I’ve found my own dark and aggressive style. These days, my dream as a musician is to make people feel as connected to the cosmos as I feel when I play the guitar. I’d love nothing more than that.”


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Kingdom of the Sun
Cloak of Light
For Madmen Only
Dark Night of the Soul
The Empress
Mirror of the Heart
Temple of Time
Awakening From The Daydream

All songs composed by Sammy Boller
Produced by Steve Lehane
Mixed by David Bendeth
Album art by Karen Lynch

Rock Guitar Wunderkind Sammy Boller’s Debut Album, Kingdom Of The Sun







Rock Guitar Wunderkind Sammy Boller’s Debut Album, Kingdom Of The Sun

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