Reminisce down ‘Memory Lane’ New Folk Music from Rachel Clark

Reminisce Down Memory Lane New Folk Single From Rachel Clark

Folk Singer

MemoryLane’ is about reminiscing while being aware of the baggage that we carry due to past loves and past traumas; asking another person if they have the space to let you unload and unpack that; if we can sit down and just lay it all out so we can leave it behind and focus on moving forward.

‘I was sitting in the kitchen, with my guitar and a relentless dog who loves to play fetch, as I was trying to figure out a tune I had stuck in my head (very simple guitar and melody) – my puppy, Leo, kept trying to give me his toy. He was pushing it into me and I had this simple thought about how much the way he plays reminded me of my struggle with depression and anxiety; that constant distracting push, always reminding you that it’s there. So I poured out my feelings of that walk down memory lane into pen and paper.’

The finished track was collaboration with a very talented arranger and guitarist Tim Lukey, who took the track and breathed a new life into it – re-envisioning the song as a beautifully fingerpicked track with simple instrumentation and harmonies to add colour and depth.

The recording process was a lot of fun, flying back to the Gold Coast to record with Tim and my dad, Andrew Clark (BluesCorp). Working with a team was definitely a different experience from my previous album and I really enjoyed being able to watch the collaboration between the two of them throughout the recording process, while keeping in line with the vision that I had for the track.

Hearing my track re-envisioned with additional instrumentation definitely got me inspired to be involved in more collaborations and has led me into working with very talent a drummer and bass player to capture a live and raw studio EP with a full band – which we are currently in the process of developing

Aside from my obsession with song-writing, and music in general, I have a great love for photography; I actually met a lot of inspiring people through photographing live music and it was that which pulled me into developing my passion for performing. I also have two amazing Border Collies, who keep me constantly on my toes and active!


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