Reggae Fusion from jahboy new album, ‘The Green Project’

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Reggae fusion artist JAHBOY has released his latest album ‘The Green Project‘. The mini-LP is the 2nd installment in his ‘Colours‘ trilogy, following on from 2016’s ‘The Red Album’.

The ‘Colours’ trilogy consists of red, green and yellow; colours best associated with Reggae, chosen by JAHBOY to pay tribute and show appreciation to the music he loves.
Although ‘The Green Project’ is shorter than his last effort, it positions JAHBOY in a more conscious state-of-mind. The album explores themes such as hope, self-belief, second chances, the environment, greed, jealousy, growth and nature’. Fusing Reggae with a number of different styles/genres, the project is held together by JAHBOY’s creative flair and willingness to try something new. The track ‘Pakololo’ was recorded with award-winning producer Syrix from Irievibrations Records and featured in Reggae Vibes magazine. The album made it into the Top 100 on the iTunes Reggae charts in Australia and New Zealand.
After signing with Solomon label Rebelle Inc. in 2011, JAHBOY went on to win SIBC/Wantok FM’s Solo Artist of the Year Award and People’s Choice Award, two of the most coveted awards in his native island’s music industry. Since then, he has gone on to release three albums and tour extensively around Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific countries, opening for the likes of Craig David and Julian Marley along the way. His live reputation earned him a slot at One Love Festival 2019, becoming the first ever Solomon Islander to play at the event. Over the past few years, he has racked up over 30 million views on YouTube and 3 million streams on Soundcloud. JAHBOY will be featured in a new TV documentary ‘Change Makers‘ on ABC in Australia, which focuses on ‘different individuals who are making a difference in the Solomon Islands’. 
JAHBOY’s upcoming live dates:
3rd August – Summer Jam Festival – Majuro, Marshall Islands
23 August – City of Lae, Papau New Guinea
An Australian tour is scheduled to start in early September, which will also visit Auckland, New Zealand and Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
‘The Green Project’ is out now via all major streaming platforms

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