Rebekah Hawker Gives Permission To Sit In Your Sadness



This is the permission you might have needed to sit in your sadness.


We all experience the raw, uncompromising feeling of heartbreak at least once in our lives. Rebekah Hawker’s new single/music video, “Round of Fools,” is about the unrelenting confession that a broken heart consumes us, marking our timelines and making us feel so many degrees of foolish.


“No matter how much pain we suffer, when the opportunity to love again presents itself – we will always choose to follow it.”
“Round of Fools” tells a tale of self-acceptance; a story of a fragile woman exploring all the nasty facets of human emotion she has while loving herself in tandem. It’s possible to feel all the regret, shame, anger and embarrassment that comes with heartbreak. Let those emotions run their course with the knowledge that love will come again.


“The songs on my debut Careful Women EP are letters that details every emotion I felt incapable of sharing in the moment. They came from necessity – a need to communicate with myself in a time where I couldn’t communicate with others.”

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