Pronounced Laila E Releases Debut Single ‘Grey Street’

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Inspired by the social issues faced by the homeless and sex workers ‘Grey Street’ is the latest single to come from Australian artist Pronounced Laila E. Giving a voice to the voiceless, Pronounced Laila E features the cries of a woman she met on Grey Street in St Kilda, an area of Melbourne where Pronounced Laila E is currently residing. Lyrically trying to overcome prejudice, the gentle guitar accompaniment gives way to a gritty hard hitting beat and lets the vocals take centre stage.
Using music and lyric writing as a tool to overcome past trauma, Pronounced Laila E has been writing rhymes for the last ten years. With themes focusing around social issues such as homelessness, personal experiences with mental illness and awareness, the battle of the ego mind and the path to awakening and self realisation Pronounced Laila E says “I wish to be a voice to those who need to be heard and those who need to heal.” Citing The Beastie Boys and Faithless as her influences, her music is diverse and her songwriting ability versatile. Whilst live shows are cancelled due to Covid-19, she will be performing a live show on NSB radio, with the date to be confirmed due to stage 4 of lockdown.

Pronounced Laila E Releases Debut  Single ‘Grey Street’





Pronounced Laila E Releases Debut  Single ‘Grey Street’

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