Opeongo Releases New Single ‘Less Of Me’ With a Strong Message About The Art Of Loving


Indie Singer


“‘Less of Me,’ ”like most of my music, was inspired simply by my need to make sense of a lot of inward negativity, feelings of deep-seeded inadequacy.”


There’s a duality in “Less Of Me”


These dichotomies are birthed out of inward reflection and quickly put to rest by outward reflection. No matter how inadequate I have felt, there are a million ways to feel smaller. What I’ve learned is that you can let such a notion overwhelm you, or you can let it humble you.


In the song, I’m attempting to articulate that no matter how dearly you hold someone, your love can be easily compromised at the hands of your own self-loathing. One needs to learn to love and respect themselves in order to love fully unto another, otherwise one cannot trust the heart and mind within that allow us such joys as love. This is a concept I still often struggle with, but its recognition was pivotal in my continuance.
“Less of Me” is off Miasma, Opeongo’s forthcoming debut LP.


It features appearances by some great musicians like Daniel Romano, Aaron Goldstein, Aaron Comeau, Carleigh Aikins, and Arif Mirabdolbaghi. Aaron Goldstein also produced the album, while the record was mixed by the talented Christopher Stringer, and mastered by Grammy-nominee Philip Shaw Bova.


“This year I’d love to tour and get to see more of the world and meet folks from all over by means of doing what I love.”




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