New Music from Anthony James; Perfect Example Of Indie Music

New Music from Anthony James; Perfect Example Of Indie Music

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Refreshing pop rock new music from Perth singer songwriter, Anthony James, carries out an invigorating drive of fusion between an electronic dance bass and rock guitar, giving his new song, ‘Existence’ some serious credit.  

At the heart of every Anthony James song is a beat you can’t ignore, beckoning your hips to get up and dance. The Australian-born Londoner espouses irresistible rhythms to catchy, bittersweet hooks and driving guitar lines. The end result is pop music with a gritty edge… the perfect array of loveable melodies with a tinge of heightened emotion.


When asked about ‘Existence’, Anthony stated:

“Existence is about living life on auto-pilot and never fully tapping into our potential. The music was written in summer in Australia and the lyrics written in winter in the UK”


Taking his cues from acts like FoalsThe Strokes and Beck and incorporating elements of indie and alternative – Anthony James’ music is deeply inspired by household names, but always stays true to his unique sound.

If anyone asks what is indie musicAnthony James is a perfect example, from creating unique sounds through production, blending strong melodies along side his soulful vocal tone, making his new single ‘Existence’, truely warranting the accolade and example of a real indie music gem.  

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New Music from Anthony James; Perfect Example Of Indie Music

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