“On The Buses” with Mike Hyder New Single


Mike Hyder Single

Oxford’s Mike Hyder is the songwriter, guitarist and singer with the British Progressive Rock/Classic Rock band, THE TREAT

In addition to his work with THE TREAT, he also has a burgeoning solo career, having released his critically well received ‘Craftsman’ album in 2014, and now its follow up, ‘Wood & Steel’

On his solo work, Mike Hyder concentrates more on guitar orchestration, compared with the frequent forays into exotic instrumentation found on albums by THE TREAT. 

However, in addition to his guitar orchestrations, Mike Hyder retains many more prog-rock elements in his solo work, which include a broad song writing style (covering rock, prog, psychedelia, folk, country rock and occasional ethnic stylings), flashes of dextrous instrumental prowess, measured and thoughtful arrangements, mixing acoustic and electric soundscapes to present light and shade dynamics to the music, meticulous attention to production and a loose, conceptual tone running through most of the lyrical subject matter on the album. 

‘Wood & Steel’ has already proved to be popular, tracks from the album having been playlisted  on numerous rock and prog radio stations in the UK and worldwide.

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