LUcy And The Night Sky Second Album, Light Needs The Dark

Indie Band

Folk Rock group Lucy and The Night Sky have released their second studio album Light Needs the Dark on 4th July

Light Needs the Dark is a follow-up album consisting of a collection of tracks which embrace the darkness as a way of fully savouring the light. These songs grew organically over the last two years until reaching what has become their re-defining second album.

Lucy and The Night Sky formed back in 2016, a year which saw them release and tour their debut album within 6 months of joining forces. They are a collective who are passionate about music, inspired heavily by the likes of Kate Bush, Chopin, Beethoven, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos and Florence and the Machine

Their first album, The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me, follows a similar theme as it draws inspiration from the world’s natural beauty. The record was described as “ a beautifully crafted experience … something different stands out on each and every listen.” – Forte Mag. 

Lucy and The Night Sky are prepared to return to the scene with the release of Light Needs the Dark on the 4th July.

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