Livietta Releases Debut EP Eponymous 

Livietta Releases Debut EP Eponymous

Indie Artist

Experimental singer-songwriter Livietta has released her eponymous debut EP on the 26th November 2019. This follows on from her last promotional single ‘ode ao tempo’, released in October.
‘I finally own my imperfections’, says Livietta. Written through different periods in her life, the project explores an array of emotions whilst focusing on ‘owning your darkness and seeing beauty in sadness’. Completely self-produced, Livietta manipulates the EP’s intensity throughout, pairing tender melancholy and explosive passion seamlessly. Vocally rich and versatile, Livietta sings in both English and her native Portuguese on the project.
Hailing from Sao Paulo, Livietta started her musical journey at an early age, singing in choirs and learning piano from six years old. Performing in local bands in her teenage years, she began losing her self-confidence, resulting in her taking a long break from live performances. With renewed esteem and a new outlook on music, particularly inspired by Radiohead, Bjork and Nick Cave, Livietta begins to unveil a truly unique alternative take on Indie.


Livietta Releases Debut EP Eponymous




Livietta Releases Debut EP Eponymous

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