Kill Chicago Releases New Music from ForthComing album 

Kill Chicago Releases New Music from ForthComing Album12

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Kill Chicago have a careful knack for weaving heartfelt messages through boisterous rock’n’roll. Natural storytellers with a political core, this New Brunswick-based quartet has made a name for itself through electrifying live shows and an honesty that reflects their blue collar history. Their new album, The Fix (releases November 8th, 2019) amplifies their dissent with relatable working class anthems, breaking the fever dream of societal expectations.

Digging deeper into their storytelling roots, The Fix sees Kill Chicago take aim at contemporary issues – education, economy and the politicization of the modern era – while relating the personal subject of mental shifts that accompany parenthood. Lead songwriter Greg Webber notes “Having my daughter has made me think about the concept of self-improvement. It seems like we’re always trying to fix some part of ourselves, but when we were kids our concerns were less internal. Why do we see ourselves as broken?”. The Fix challenges these concepts head-on, with a full arsenal of guest performers & expanded sonic territory that make it their strongest, most cohesive album yet.

The release of The Fix follows some much deserved accolades, with their previous album, The Grey, being awarded Music NB’s Album of The Year (2016), and performing on the ECMA’s Rising Star stage (2018) as well as a slew of regional festival slots.

Kill Chicago are nothing if not dedicated members of their local community. When not performing, Greg Webber (guitar/vox) teaches music at Fredericton High, developing the next generation of artists; Drummer Zach Atkinson is owner and promoter at the legendary venue The Capital, and both Matt Bowie (bass) and Dillon Anthony (guitar/keyboards) are seasoned veterans of the east coast music scene. Together, they’re politically-charged and community-minded, thick-skinned but with a sentimental core.

Kill Chicago is a group that’s gained the grit of experience. They’ve been on both sides of the fence but know that grass is only greener when you put the time in to make it that way. Writing songs for the working class and building up the bereft. The Fix is meant to be one thing… good medicine for good people.

Kill Chicago has just released a single from their forthcoming album, ‘Moonlight’.

Moonlight is one of my oldest songs. It was written on a stoop in Vancouver on the classical guitar I was using to get my music degree with. The song was given new life when I asked the 88 member Concert Band I direct to sing the gang vocal. Our producer Brad Perry was listening to what we had laid down for the track and said “It sounds like you’re trying to be 100 people, but you’re only 3. So unless you have access to 100 different voices at once, we need to cut that part out.” I returned a few weeks later having recorded the High School students at the end of pour last rehearsal before Christmas break. Their energy gives me goosebumps every time.




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