‘Keep Us Apart’ is The New Exquisite Ballad from Andy Penkow  

Australian Country Singer

Andy Penkow’s new single greets your senses, like a warm new sunrise, immersing you in a wonderful euphoric expression of a loving relationship.                                                        

 “‘Keep Us Apart’ is a modern country song. It sits well with the theme of my debut album ‘Sad Love Songs’. Only this one is about loving someone so much that nothing can keep you apart. I guess most of us go through this life searching for that kind of love. I hope that the listener can relate to it on a personal level and interpret it in their own way.”… Andy


Andy Penkow is a Country Americana Rock and Blues Singer-Songwriter with a unique sound, chocolate smooth but powerful voice, steeped in honesty. Born in Sydney Australia and grew up on the South Coast of NSW.  


Andy’s debut album ‘Sad Love Songs’ was recorded & mixed by Rod Motbey at ‘Tracking Dog Studios’ Shellharbour, Australia, mastered by Steve Corrao at ‘Sage Audio’  Nashville, TN and was released in December 2018. His debut single ‘Drowning in Whiskey’, released early this year, was embraced by the Australian country music scene peaking at #10 on the Country Songs Top 40 Australian Airplay Chart and reaching a respectable #20 in Tasmania.

Andy will  be performing at the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Festival and touring later in 2019.




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