Pianist Composer

‘Rebirth’ seems to do exactly that. As you hit play to hear this album, you won’t be able to press pause. 

This album does more than sooth the soul; it’s demands your attention in a way very few albums do, by the simple fact that it takes you into another peaceful world you had forgotten had existed at all. 

Juan Sánchez has been a musician since he started playing the piano at age 14. After playing with a few bands as a kid, he relocated to London where he took a job as a composer for a library music publisher. This led to a blossoming career in composition, as Sánchez began creating sounds for various multimedia projects, quietly working up the confidence to release a stand alone record under his own name.

In early 2019 he began uploading a steady stream of Neo-Classical, Ambient, and New Age piano music to various streaming services. To his delight, his eloquently composed style found an enthusiastic audience, and he began compiling the tracks that would become “Rebirth.” The end result is an explorative collection of soul searching music.


| “Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.” Juan explains.

“This is what I did during these last two years. I started to learn how to reprogram my brain and overcome my self- limiting beliefs that were hindering my growth, hence the title of the album “Rebirth.”


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