Jean Has The Catchy Rhythmic Hooks For A Pop EDM/Dance Success


Australian Pop Singer Jean

Sydney based musician, Jean releases his latest single Follow You’.

‘Follow You’ draws inspiration from the rhythmic hooks of Modjo’s track “Lady (Hear me tonight)”.

Jean uses a similarly catchy beat paired with a simple set of lyrics to mimic the groovy notions of the naughties hit.

Initially, the framework for Follow You was produced within an hours work but it took time to create depth and perfect it’s intricate details. Jean worked closely with his producer, Open Till L8, to come up with both a catchy beat and memorable lyrics, which together make up the heart of this upcoming release. Additionally, the talented Collin Leonard from “Sing Mastering” worked on the mastering of the single.

Jean hails originally from Mauritius but later moved to Sydney, Australia where he spent his youth perfecting his sound and channelling his inspirations into music. His guitar was kept firmly attached to his hands whilst he taught himself to play at just at 12, a skill which he now showcases in large scale production. Since then he has gone on to feature on Kerser’s latest number 1 album, on the track – “Take It and Run”.
Jean draws influences from artists ranging across many genres, some of his most prominent being Ed Sheeran, Dennis Lloyd, Maroon 5 and The Script. His now unconformable sound works to both the beat of the dance floor and the moment we fall asleep, making him a truly versatile artist.




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