J. Human Blends Electro-Pop Jazz and Old School RnB



J Human has an eccentric sense of personal style and his music blends electro-pop with elements of jazz and old school R+B.
It’s soulful pop with a carefree vibe, and this new single is all about feeling out of place and embracing it.

J (real name Joel Heumann) is a Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist that writes and produces all of his own material (this particular track was co-produced with Luke Arens).
He also pens tunes for other artists and has cuts with Alyson StonerLenay Chantelle, and Ha Dong-kyun.

J Human says:
‘Nameless’ is about reveling in being a misfit. My entire life, I’ve always felt like I’ve never fully belonged. I always kinda stuck out or couldn’t fully connect, and it was always hard for me, until I realized that it was my secret superpower. The irony is, ‘weird’ is what everyone truly is underneath whatever they put out for other people. We’re all alike in our weirdness. Ever since I had that realization, I’ve wanted to help other people embrace what makes them different. Be strange. It’s better… and this track is just about that: walking into a situation where you don’t really belong, but owning it anyway. It’s such a cool, freeing thing and that’s what I want this whole project to be about.”


J. Human – Nameless


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