Get Some Peace Of Mind From The Ghostly Beard

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Get Some Peace Of Mind From The Ghostly Beard

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Ghostly Beard and perhaps it’s times like these, in isolation, that inspire us to share, write about and explore what we’re doing and who we are.

It seems there are many of us are feeling vulnerable, lost and question what life is all about and those who come and go, but we all deserve some peace of mind. 

Ghostly Beards latest song, ‘Peace Of Mind’ is exactly that. The lyrics reflected by the times in one’s life which don’t seem to be improving, hoping the warmth of the sun shining on your face will make it right. 

Artists, singer, songwriters, soul searching to find themselves in normal times just to reach out and find someone who is willing to just listen and Ghostly Beard isn’t alone on this one. 

I know in recent studies taken place in Australia, the most vulnerable to low mood and depression are those in the arts industry, and in these horrid times of isolation and quarantine, daily news on the lonely topic of Covid 19, we can’t deny, is having a huge impact on us all. 

‘Peace Of Mind’ is a song obviously written from the heart and one in which I take my hat off too. It’s a song of questions and hope in amongst the darkness and a reminder, that we are not alone. Good one Ghost! 

‘Peace Of Mind’ is released today 15th April

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Get Some Peace Of Mind From The Ghostly Beard

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