Gena Perala ‘Not Perfect’ is honest and chilling 



Gena Perala releases a new single NOT PERFECT on the 19th of July as part of a three song EP.

Working with long-time producer Chris Gestrin, the two create a haunting sound, enhanced by Perala’s beautiful yet chilling voice and honest lyrics.

“I’m often the person who speaks her mind, who knows who she is and who stands up for what she believes in. I’ve always had a strong voice and while those qualities are encouraged in theory, in practice, not so much. No, I don’t always say it right and yes I can get emotional, I’m not perfect but my heart is always in the right place,” Perala Explains.

NOT PERFECT  is the third song off the NOT PERFECT EPwhich includes her previously released songs GOOD GIRL (2018) and I WILL NEVER KNOW (2019). The three songs tell a story of moving from powerlessness to uncertainty to perseverance. Perala worked with incredibly talented dancers to help tell these stories within the accompanying visuals.

“Working and collaborating with these amazing dancers is such a gift. It’s so inspiring to see my words come to life through their movements. Art just makes me so happy!” Gena adds.

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