FVN YouTube vlogger gone rapper

Female rapper FVN releases double debut-single FVN will release her double-single Sunkissed/MadTing on June 28th 2019. (today)

Eritrean Youtube-vlogger-gone-rapper, FVN, turns up the heat with the first track ‘Sunkissed’, which is produced by Danish producer duo 2020 & SNDY. Together they created a banger for the dance floor-a summer tune ready to get the walls dripping.

The second song on the release, ‘MadTing’, is a cocky and minimalistic street anthem produced by JVC. The song showcases FVN’s flow and lyrical skills.

So do not get fool by the pretty face, FVN i s here to spit clever and fearless rhymes. FVN is already back in the studio cooking up new tracks and are planning to release both new singles and features in the next couple of months

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