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Rising indie electro-pop artist Hannah Stewart’s newest single,”Glaze” is available on all major music streaming services and stores July 31st. The release is Stewart’s second single this summer, following last month’s “Hotter Exposed” as well as a pair of debut EPs earlier this year. Stewart’s previous work has been praised for its irresistible danceability, as well as her vocal range and distinctive, unique sound, and “Glaze” remains on-theme. Punchy and hypnotic, “Glaze”’s layered vocals, bouncing synths, and gritty bass beg to be blasted through your favorite speakers. 


“The world is a crazy place right now with the barrage of content, to the point where it can feel dystopian at times. I’m generally pretty outgoing, but when I’m overwhelmed, often during times which may seem innocuous to others, I retreat a bit and people notice, which is nice of them, but it’s been happening so much lately. I wrote ‘Glaze’ as a response and explanation. It’s me saying I’m okay, I’m not sad or mad or anything, it’s just all a bit too much for me in that moment so I’m taking a step back… or inward, rather. I think anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed by situations they can’t just dip out of can relate. If you have to stick it out, sometimes you just sort of let reality glaze over and retreat into yourself. And that’s okay. With me at least.”

Hannah Stewart is a California-native indie pop singer, songwriter, and producer. She has performed music since childhood and has a formal education in music theory and dance. In June of 2018 Stewart left her job and embarked on a three month road trip of the US and Canada, during which she wrote over 30 songs. She released her first EP, Hsmd, in January of 2019. She released a second EP, What Is Living Above the Light, as half of dreampop duo, Inanna, that May.

Both EPs were recorded in Stewart’s apartment and produced on Garageband. Both were also featured on radio stations and podcasts across the globe including the US, Mexico, Australia, and the UK, and lauded by major blogs and magazines including Eric Alper, Tinnitist, B-sides and Badlands, Close-up Culture, Slay Sonics, For the Rabbits, Desert Island Cloud, Pop-culturalist, and Ouch Magazine. Currently based in Dallas, Stewart continues to write and release electropop music under her own name, and dreampop music with Inanna, for her growing fanbase.



Hannah Stewart – Glaze




 Instagram: http://instagram.com/hannahstewartmusic

 Twitter: http://twitter.com/hannahstewmusic

 Spotify: HannahStewart


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