Drifting Channels Release Debut Album, Rising Tide

Drifting ChannelDrifting Channels Release Debut Album, Rising Tides Release Debut Album, Rising 

Folk Singer

Folk singer-songwriter Drifting Channels is set to release their debut album ‘Rising Tide’ on 9th October.

‘Rising Tide’ is an album inspired by living in the wilderness for several years and appreciating both the simplicity and complexity of our world and our ecosystems. Evident in the track, this acoustic guitar melody paired with a soulful harmonica takes inspiration from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Tash Sultana and early Bob Dylan work.

Hailing from Australia, Drifting Channels finds passion in writing simple acoustic songs that talk to the listener about current things happening in the world. This is clear to see in his music as well as in the artists he takes inspiration from.


Drifting Channels Release Debut Album, Rising Tide





Bandcamp: https://driftingchannels.bandcamp.com/releases 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-760704516


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