Dance Party Grooves its Way Back to The Future and “Too Hot To Touch”


Disco collective, Dance Party are set to release their latest single Too Hot to Touch to all major digital platforms today, 21st June 2019.

Too Hot to Touch was the first of many tracks to be written by the group, a song which lyrically represents exactly what Dance Party are all about. It started off with a clear 70’s sound but with the help of producer and synth player, Lewis Moody, the band brought it forward a decade. The single now sits somewhere in between 80’s pop and contemporary soul.

Dance Party are more than simply a group of musicians, they are an 11 piece made up of party specialists, bringing the disco back into Australia. The title of their upcoming track draws influence from their “disco inferno” party series that they run in their home city of Melbourne. These shows have sold out venues such as 170 Russell and Max Watts, on more than one occasion. For that reason, the band are renowned for their contribution to the cities live music scene.

Dance Party boasts some of Australia’s most sought after session musicians, some of whom have performed with the likes of Harts, City Calm Down, Client Liaison, Gordi, Ali Barter, Kian and Kingswood.

All 11 members of Dance Party take part in their live performance in which they run a 25 song songfest to their crowd, a truly unique way to bring their music to life. 

The band will performing TONIGHT at Night Cat, Melbourne on (June 21st,) keep up to date on their social media for more live dates. 

Fans of The Temptations, The Whispers and Bruno Mars will be instantly hooked on Dance Party. Their latest single Too Hot to Touch will be available on all major digital platforms from the 21st June 2019.

“Keep the fire burning…”

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