Cinematic Heart Pounding Shock’n’Roll from White Collar Sideshow

Cinematic Heart Pounding Shock’n’Roll from White Collar Side

Indie Rock Band

White Collar Sideshow has a vaudevillian feel with a horror movie twist. An original movie plays on stage and two drummers & the faceless woman (playing bass in a 9 foot go-go cage) provide the live soundtrack. The videos take you through the mind of an addict while the live characters draw in the crowd for a truly memorable Shock-n-Roll experience.

Recently signed with Curtain Call Records, White Collar Sideshow is an Arkansas indestructible husband-wife duo. Their shock-n-roll sound is a macabre mashup of country, rock, metal and industrial influences. Since 2006, White Collar Sideshow, comprised of TD (drums and vocals) and Veronica (bass and vocals) have intertwined its love of cinema and heart-pounding rock to create a visual and audio spectacle. Often compared to the style of Rob Zombie and Nine Inch Nails, they have toured 46 states, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, Brazil and Chile. The duo’s relentless efforts will culminate this October 2019 with their concept album release, I Didn’t Come Here to Die to be released by Curtain Call Records.

I Didn’t Come Here to Die was recorded with Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, John 5, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne and more) in Los Angeles. The title track is a gripping single and showcases the duo’s self-described “space western” vibe. While on tour, White Collar Sideshow will be accompanied onstage with the also titled, I Didn’t Come Here to Die, their black and white original film. Filmed in conjunction with 5 Star Productions in the band’s hometown, Fort Smith, AR, the film pays homage to iconic noir Sin City and sometimes disturbing The Twilight Zone. The live soundtrack is a stunning and avant-garde performance piece done in only the way a band like White Collar Sideshow can produce.


Cinematic Heart Pounding Shock’n’Roll from White Collar Side











Cinematic Heart Pounding Shock’n’Roll from White Collar Side

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