Chris Reardon Releases Beautifully Inspiring Alternative Rock Singles “How We Win” And “Elephant In The Room”

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Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer  Chris Reardon has been extremely active in the music scene this year, and recently released “Elephant In The Room,” a beautifully melodic alternative rock single, as well as “How We Win,” a moving tribute to all the medical bodies working day and night to saves lives and fight the coronavirus pandemic. 

Reardon was born in Coventry, England, before spending his formative years in Hong Kong, and returning to the UK where he is currently based. 

His limitless imagination, unmatchable musicianship, and incredibly sophisticated mastery of the alternative rock genre propels him as one of the rare alt rock masters of our times. 

The combination of meticulously crafted rhythms with minimalist yet extremely impactful lyrics and melodic constructions make these two releases so special, and although they are very different from one another, Chris Reardon’s spirit can be found and easily spotted on both tracks. 

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