Calle Ameln Releases Rock Anthem that Exudes Good Ol’ Rock Energy


Swedish rocker Calle Ameln is back on the scene with a stunning new release, showcasing the artist’s gritty, yet catchy approach. His most recent studio effort is a single titled “Whiskey Tears.” This rock anthem combines southern rock and country with the memorable melodies and big production of rock classics. It shows Calle’s ability to seamlessly blur the lines between these different styles, and create music that’s energetic, yet easy to relate to.

Fans of artists like Brantley Gilbert, Daughtry or Goo Goo Dolls are definitely going to enjoy this particular song.
“Whiskey Tears” has a powerful production, with vitriolic vocals, massive guitars and thunderous drums. As a result, this track sounds unapologetic and uncompromising, yet richly nuanced and extremely melodic, bringing the best of different musical worlds under one roof. From rock to country, anything goes…


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