Australian Singer Hugo BAsclain’s Impressive Debut Single

Australian Singer Hugo Basclain’s Impressive Debut Single

Australian Singer

Pop artist Hugo Basclain is set to release his new single ‘Veins’ on 16th October 2019. This is the debut single from the Australian singer/songwriter.

‘Veins’ is an ode to finding the light at the end of the tunnel after a broken heart left you helpless, the strong vocals and rich piano melody make this track feel as emotional as the subject matter suggests.

Hailing from the Central Coast of Australia, (where many great talented artists seem to come from) Hugo Basclain faced many hardships growing up and often used his obsession with music as an escape.

Recently, he decided to take this obsession with music to the next level and started covering songs online, entering competitions and making himself known around his hometown. This exposure gained him a mentor in Australian Idol winner and X Factor judge, Guy Sebastian, citing him as a huge driving force behind continuing to pursue his dream.

Considering this is Hugo’s first single release, we look forward to many more of his impressive work. 


Australian Singer Hugo Basclain’s Impressive Debut Single

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