Australian Indie Pop Artist Lili Kendall One To Watch  

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Los Angeles-based Aussie artist and songwriter Lili Kendall is presenting the official music video for her single “i am my own.” Made in collaboration with feminist filmmaker/director Caroline Iaffaldano , the highly cinematic video revels in extravaganza and absurdity, following Lili through a trilogy of intergalactic travels.

Known for her kitschy and camp visuals, filmmaker Caroline Iaffaldano creates art that challenges the status quo and unravels certain societal standards applied to women. In the “ i am my own” video, Lili voyages through the depth of the universe, experiencing love in several forms along her way before ultimately finding the truest form of love and expansion within herself. “Regardless of the planet or galaxy she ends up in, Lili lands in her own body and is able to receive herself in her limitless capacity she calls home,” Iaffaldano writes.

Lili Kendall wrote “i am my own ” while trying to find comfort in a time of transition and doubt — her move from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, California. Through self-exploration, Lili came to the realization that she can be her own home, her own temple, her own safe place, and her own familiar feeling. It’s about loving and honoring the relationship with self. 

22-year old Lili Kendall is setting herself up to be a pop newcomer to watch. After rolling out a number of enchanting singles in 2019, Lili’s debut project, love, herself, is set to be released in early 2020. love, herself is a transformative and healing body of work that chronicles womanhood, self-empowerment, love, and life. ”I have found peace in the lyrics of these songs,” Lili writes, “writing this project has been how I processed and released all that I’ve encountered over the last two years. I hope listening to these songs has the same effect on people that they’ve had on me.”

Australian Indie Pop Artist Lili Kendall One To Watch


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