Artist Spotlight: Charmian Devi – “No Peace” – “Radio Of None”

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Charmian Devi, Montreal-based singer-songwriter, enters this new decade with a new vision, releasing two out-of-the-ordinary singles, “No Peace” and “Radio of None.”

In touch with music since her youngest age thanks to having a father who was a fan of the 70’s most sought-after records by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and all the legends that enriched the music scene back then, Charmian Devi naturally composes, creates, and writes .

Growing-up with this atmosphere surrounding her daily life, Charmian quickly picked-up music as her calling, and played in several bands, formed bands, and worked with the most respected musicians and artists throughout her long and fruitful journey.

This year, she released those two magnificent songs, produced by Marc Urselli in New York City, and recorded along very special musicians such as Bob Dylan’s bass player, Tony Garnier.  

Artist Spotlight: Charmian Devi – “No Peace” – “Radio Of None”



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