annelieElina Releases New Music with Appealing New Sound    

Indie Pop Singer

annelieElina was formerly known as Annelie, the promising singer-songwriter now goes by annelieElina!

Back in February of this year, Music Talks ran a global competition through Reverberation and annelieElina was the clear winner. Since this time, she has grown and matured, and so has her sound and her style. 

After being surrounded as a young child by all kinds of music from her parents and brother and even learning the piano in Kindergarten, it’s no wonder that music is now such a large of annelieElina’s life.

Interestingly, her music first got online when her mom started a private Youtube channel for her family in Sweden to stay updated on her music. Eventually, a friend of their family sent one of the videos to Thomas Barsoe at OC Hitfactory in Orange County. He contacted just 12-year-old annelieElina and asked her to come into the studio and potentially work with him. She did do and immediately began working with Jessica Cabral, an amazing vocal coach (Muchow now), Robbie Dean, and Thomas Barsoe. OC Hit is in fact where she wrote and recorded her first 5 originals, and sang tons of covers. These are all under the artist name ‘Annelie’ (separate Spotify, Itunes and Vevo channel).

Then in 2017, she was invited to write with Mark Merthe and Nate Evans at a studio in the outskirts of LA called ‘The Drive’. Actually, one of the tracks on her brand new EP was originally produced and written with them and Swedish producer Johan Lindbrandt. The track that is now called “Recover” started out as “No Rain, No Flowers” when she actually wrote about 2 1/2 yrs ago!

Moving forward, at the end of 2018 annelieElina was approached by Ronald Moss from Honua Music. She began writing with Mike Pappas and it was instantly songwriting chemistry! This certainly shows through in her EP, “Purity.”

Along with all of this, the singer was also dealing with a new diagnosis of Chronic Idiopathic Intrinsic Urticaria, which is an auto immune disorder where you unexpectedly get severe allergic reactions involving breathing difficulties as well. It happens at random times and there are no triggers. Thankfully today her symptoms are medically controlled and she can live life very regularly with less outbreaks.


You can read the Interview on Teen Talks with Danielle Haskell with annelieElina here:

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annelieElina Releases New Music with Appealing New Sound

Impressive Debut Single from Folk Pop Band The Pairs








annelieElina Releases New Music with Appealing New Sound

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