21st Century Mayhem Rock Anthem Inspired The Buzz Kills

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The Buzz Kills – 21st Century Mayhem

Inspired through frustration. Fed up of Government control, and one-sided media brainwashing  ’21st Century Mayhem’ is the latest single to come from anthemic rock / pop duo The Buzz Kills. Filled with their attitude and energy, ’21st Century Mayhem’ heavy chorus chant sticks in your head and unites the people in the war for freedom. Feel the power in this song delivered by this charismatic duo.

Hailing from Tasmania, a remote island at the bottom of the world, The Buzz Kills are your latest 2-piece pop-rock sensation to have cycling through your head. Led by captivating vocalist and songwriter Nathalie Gower, The Buzz Kills is completed by born performer and songwriter Sam Haberle. Eccentric to the max, this duo have been making great strides since their debut single ‘Liar’ in 2020. With four consecutive weeks at #1 in the Australian Independent chart,  #4 ARIA chart, and #23 worldwide with ‘Light a Candle’, a song they collaborated on with Jam Mountain Music, and donating all proceeds to charity. There’s big things on the horizon for The Buzz Kills, make sure you get involved now!

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21st Century Mayhem Rock Anthem Inspired The Buzz Kills

The Buzz Kills – 21st Century Mayhem


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