Promotional Avenues For Indie Artists

via Internet Radio

Promotional Avenues For Indie Artists via Internet Radio

Radio DJ G’day Everyone, DJ Struth Mate here & I’m here to share my personal little bit of insight into getting your music heard & promoted in the ‘Internet Radio’ world from personal experience.


To start off with I am a musician myself & have dabbled in recording, producing, live performance etc. over the years, as I’m sure most of you have too. 

I was content with uploading a song or a video here or there on social music media platforms but after a while of trying my hardest to ‘self-promote’ I became so much more focused on the variety of stuff that I was discovering in the process.

My recording sessions started getting replaced with juke-box evenings of sounds from all over the globe.  It’s happened to us all!

I then I had my own moment of personal discovery as I was asked to be interviewed for an international  internet radio station & not going to lie, I was over the moon! An Indie solo artist from Australia got chosen & I embraced it. 

It ended up with nothing much else garnered at the time other than five minutes of me chatting to a ‘robot’ of a host & a song of mine aired to a ghost audience.

My mind was struck via the fact that I literally had my recording played to a deaf internet world & with no promotion or anything it was a bit..well. disheartening…annoying…discouraging so to speak.

Now here’s where my ‘Epiphany’ moment happened! 🙂

Why can’t I, someone who enjoys discovery of music, share the sounds , I like, with the rest of the world via a medium like this?

“Absolutely Nothing” was the answer!

After learning the process & connecting with the right people I have gained the loyalty & friendship of the team

I am now an administrator & currently host a weekly show of content I create for listeners that  consists of featured artists I have connected with, interviews & more shenanigans.

Okay ‘story-time’ over now.  I have been sharing as many new artists as I can to date & shall continue with passion Y’all!

Finding Avenues

Seeing as you are reading this on you have obviously found some people with passion for their work. #URock MusicTalks ! (A wonderful platform for musicians!)

This is the underlying difference in an artists pursuit for sharing their work via this route.

  • Attention! Not all internet radio stations are there to actually help ‘you’ out!

Not a big newsflash as I & possibly yourself have discovered but that stigma shall be changed, at least on my end.

Sure bands have to use SoundCloud, ReverbNation, YouTube & so on ( Which are necessary ) but to have someone credible & passionate about making sure your work is heard to a different, if not, a broader audience ,you can’t really complain. 

Some of them have huge fan-bases that follow their lead in musical taste. A few extra followers for your craft can’t hurt surely? 

In your discoveries you will find some are run in a ‘Bot’ like fashion & some want your hard earned money in exchange for their ‘services” ?

Seriously? That is not, or shall ever be what I’m about personally about. ‘Pay to Play’ is over!

Not knocking any of the stations that run on charity specific donations for air-play & similar either.

I want y’all to be wary of sending your tracks (your blood, sweat & tears) to a random person, claiming that â€śI Love Your Sound” or â€śShall Play Your Song Again”.

If you were to ever speak to the artists I have featured personally on my show, I’m pretty sure they would say I have kept up on the communication front to the best of my ability with more than these types of quotes.

Radio DJ*Quick Mention: Language barriers & time zones have been obstacles for DJ Struth Mate & if I have ever made mistakes on my end I’m always empathic straight away & try my best to ‘make good’ for all that was promised. Honesty is my highest regard in these situations & it has led me to more confidence/connection with real people so a negative becomes a positive.

Do your ‘own’ research or maybe you have a’Buddy-band’ who knows of a station that is possibly specific to your genre of music. 

*Hint: Once upon a time I dropped a ‘cartoon show’opener theme song in the middle of a track I submitted & guess what…? It got aired! Ha. This proved to me that some Stations/Presenters aren’t doing their full research in advance of advertising on your behalf. 

In this situation it was noticeable, My hint is not to edit your tracks with altered sounds but mainly to focus on the right contacts to send to who are genuine. 

Your main goal will always be to get promotion out via all means & get as many people hearing your sound.

Strike gold with the right audience & you have situations say for example, a tiny ‘folk’ band from Ireland can gain a massive following in ‘underground’ Japan! (too far-fetched? You never know?)

That is only admirable for an indie musician/band! Wishing you the best of luck in sharing your creations!

So all you creative artists who have the ability to multi-task via music-making, promotion & such in a ‘Do-It-Youself’ situation#URock !!! Much respect thrown your way of course.

Never going to be one to discourage tunes being shared globally but always make sure you check your sound too via different mediums e.g. mobile device & home speaker set-ups before sending through as once it’s in their hands for use your final mix is totally ‘out there’ for them to use at their discretion. 

That’s not being negative either, just that radio editing will always vary from every set-up. 

I always make sure to include the track submitted in it’s original form via the means I have been given. 

For sure, most random presenters will be striving for this with their own means. You will find out the others who go, just that little more above the mark to ensure quality broadcasting 

To each their own of course. 🙂

So ultimately I say send & share your tunes to possible radio stations that are on the interweb & know that no matter what, there will be someone, somewhere listening & you may just get a new fan that would love to connect with y’all on some level! 

Musical Discovery

Know that for every time you send  out a message or submission that there will be some that respond with genuine excitement & use your instinct to weed out the rest is my advice.

Wowsers may have seemed a little negative towards the path that I have taken on board but I know in my heart that what I do is with more than ‘self-promotion’ now. 

I share talent I have found via searching/connecting with real people & hopefully you shall find the perfect, ongoing promotional situation for yourselves.


So thank you for time & reading pleasure regarding this little insight into my world. 

Enjoy more future articles via to come! 

#PeaceandMusic #URock !!!

You can connect with me here…

Radio DJ


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