Who said Americana needed to come from the US?


Americana Band EP

The king Heat Ensemble

“Ten Years” from the ‘Songs’ EP


Who said Americana needed to come from the US? The King Heat Ensemble, a duo from the UK is here to prove that it’s not the case with this beautiful first EP, simply entitled “Songs”.

And indeed, it’s all about songs, and good ones at that. A thoughtful collection where acoustic guitar and instruments shines and vocals are raw and heartfelt, with often beautiful choir-like background vocals.

On this “Ten Years” song the opening slide guitar accentuates that longing which the song is telling about. With minimal drums and a subtle organ pad, a laid-back rhythm leaves opened a lot of room for the vocals to sing its tale, about how hard it can be to wait for inspiration to come back… something any songwriter will relate with!

The EP’s sound is served well by a beautiful production with lots of space and none of that over-compression nonsense that is plaguing too much of today’s releases. If you’re looking for music that breathes, look no further than this band and EP!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




Get the song and EP on Bandcamp at: https://thekingheatensemble.bandcamp.com/


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