Vibe On This While in Lockdown Baby with Stick Up Boys

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Stick Up Boys – Lockdown Baby (James Black’s Nice With Ice Remix)

Vibe On This While in Lockdown Baby with Stick Up Boys

As soon as that old school piano track joined the beat, I was sold. The latest track from the Stick Up Boys, “Lockdown Baby” (due for release on July 14), immediately put me in a happy place – taking me back to a time in the early nineties when I was hell of a lot younger and most certainly more carefree.

Heralding from Brighton, UK, the Stick Up Boys is an anonymous music collective working in a range of electronic pop music styles. First releasing music in 2015, the group has recently set up their own label, “Stick Up Music”.

The vibe on this, their latest release, is upbeat – this is house music that not only harkens back to the early days of the genre, but that is also of the moment. “Be my lockdown baby” is not a refrain we would have heard in the pre-Covid 19 world. A wonderful deep bass underpins an infectious groove and light melodic flourishes round out the track for a pleasurable listening experience. This is happy music designed for not so happy times.

I enjoyed “Lockdown Baby” by the Stick Up Kids. I can see me giving it a spin again in the not too distant future when I need to forget the worries of the world and put a smile on my face.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating









Vibe On This While in Lockdown Baby with Stick Up Boys

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