Understated and Empowering New Music from Ella Fence 

Australian Singer Indie

Ella Fence

“Love Me On Purpose”

Human contact can be fleeting and unfulfilling. This is especially true of those moments when we reach for something more – when we reach for intimacy. We long for something greater, but often we are left wanting.


This is the problem addressed by Australian artist Ella Fence on her latest single, Love Me On Purpose. The second track from her debut album, Love Me On Purpose demands more than the fleeting contact of a night together. Rather than a “flakey” love fueled by the vibrancy of the night, Fence requires her potential partner to “love me in the daytime” – to be part of the ongoing fabric of her life.


Backed by crisp, understated electronic production that adds a somewhat ominous air to the lyrics, this is a song of empowerment – a statement of intent from an artist who is not willing to settle for less than what she wants. This is modern pop music stripped of the saccharine graces that too frequently undermines the genre. And I like it.


Available now, I highly recommend giving Love Me On Purpose a listen. I look forward to seeing Ella play it live at the Hidden Lanes Festival in Brisbane later this month.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Ella Fence Website: http://www.ellafencemusic.com

Understated and Empowering New Music from Ella Fence 





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