Trip Jacker Mixes genres and styles in ‘search for humanity’

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Trip Jacker

‘Search For Humanity’

One of the things I have enjoyed about the evolution of music over the last decade or so has been the crumbling of genre barriers. As someone who has never felt comfortable with the limitations and expectations placed upon artists by genre conventions, it is comforting to see those conventions being dismantled, reconstructed and reimagined.


Massachusetts-based musician and producer, Trip Jacker, works in this new space – happily mixing genres and styles on his latest track, ‘Search For Humanity’. Starting with a beat and bass line straight out of the eighties, he adds guitars and samples to produce a song that quickly develops into something individual and distinct. While hinting at the proto-industrial stylings of Killing Joke, Search For Humanity also draws upon synthwave and the kind of dance-rock made popular by bands such as Jesus Jones to create a track that is simultaneously retro and refreshingly new.


With cover art by Italian artist, Erinni Xeen, Search For Humanity is the complete package. I look forward to its coming release and await more music from the genre-melding artist that is Trip Jacker.

Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating



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