The Factory’s New Pop Single WIll Have you Dancing On The TAble 

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“Too Close To Get Closer”

The key to a good pop song is a hook that worms its way into your memory and refuses to leave. We have all had that experience of suddenly humming away a melody that we may not have heard in years. This is what happens when a good hook has taken up residence in our subconscious.


Norwegian pop four piece The Factory have managed to achieve this feat on their latest track, Too Close To Get Closer. In the words of the band, it is a feel-good song about a feel-bad theme; being desperately in love with your friend. Based around a solid bass groove, and big synth sounds, the track wastes little time on arriving at its catchy chorus.


Starting our at the tender age of ten years old and having lived together now for several years, the members of The Factory obviously work well together and produce tight modern pop music inspired by the likes of Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars. They also know how to write a damn fine hook and it is for that reason that…

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating



The Factory’s New Pop Single Will Have you Dancing On The Table 




The Factory’s New Pop Single Will Have you Dancing On The Table 

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